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Picture Books

A World With No Color

When The world eradicates color under an imposing gray, courageous and spirited Little Vee flees to the forest. There she rediscovers the colors around her and within her. An allegorical retelling of how a little girl survived WWII, and a story about tolerance and love.

Vee Across the Sea

On board the USS Ernest, young immigrant Vee travels across the sea to her new home in America. Amidst a new group of friends and some adventures, Vee  answers an important question, about America and herself. 


Inspired by France’s 1st astrocat: Felicitte, a Paris bistro cat yearns to change her life and touch the stars.  When she makes her dream come true, Felicitte proves that girls rock as astronauts and that believing in yourself can take you as far as the galaxy.

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